BlackOak Global is a real estate company focused on value-add and opportunistic real estate investments across select markets

We have extensive international experience and have advised, acquired, and managed assets globally. We cultivate cross-market relationships to forge partnerships that create value and capitalise on lucrative opportunities.

Our mission is to create a successful real estate investment company anchored on shared values of performance, alignment of interest and transparency.

About Us

At BlackOak Global we are a specialized team of real estate experts focusing on providing our shareholders and partners with exceptional value through our carefully selected real estate opportunities.

We thoroughly explore global markets to identify, negotiate, acquire, structure, and finance unique projects with extraordinary growth potential. We take an entrepreneurial approach which makes us incredibly agile.


Our values are both an integral part of our culture and a guiding force that empowers our everyday decisions. We work with complete transparency and adhere to the highest level of corporate governance.


We strive to be the best at what we do, applying our expertise and experience to achieve optimal results for our clients.


We always adhere to the highest standards of integrity, engaging with clients and earning their trust.


We take great pride in our knowledge, striving to be the foremost experts in our market in every aspect of our work.


Our passion for our work is evident in the consistently high quality we deliver, and the sense of pride that accompanies each accomplishment.


We approach our work with an enterprising mindset always seeking out opportunities and devising new strategies.


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Head Office